What Should the NBA do Next?

Like I mentioned in my previous article, the Coronavirus will allow the NBA’s governing board to do some deep thinking on whether or not to employ their new mid-season tournament. Although I’d be more that satisfied to see some more games this calendar year, the league has enough moving parts to where we all shouldn’t have to rely on UFC fights for our only source on entertainment. We basketball fans can get through this.

The National Basketball Association was the first pro sports organization to suspend all games indefinitely last Wednesday night. THEY SHOULD TAKE ALL THE TIME NECESSARY TO DECIDE WHEN TO CONTINUE PLAY.

LeBron might be a little upset because this season has been his best chance to his 4th ring since the delivery of his 3rd, but I’m sure he’ll ultimately be rewarded in some way or another.

Let’s take an honest look at some of the solutions that will not only benefit the NBA in viewers and popularity, but look at what’s right for the teams and players.

  1. Chalk this year up as an anomaly and forget about whatever has happened in the regular season thus far, and begin the 2020-21 season at regular time. I mean…the regular season doesn’t mean anything anyway right? We’d be supporting some Max Kellerman-like antics in this one.

  2. Start a shortened version of the playoffs (best of 3 or 5) with the top 8 teams in each conference as they are right now. This is a worst-case scenario (other than the aforementioned obviously) — and will assume that play takes place outside of the initial 30 day period.

  3. This is essentially a 2a scenario, where play resumes directly following the 30 day period, this would be around April 10. Since that’s right around when the playoffs would start, simply start the playoffs as you normally would, right then and there.

  4. Now’s time for some creative mumbo-jumbo…

    Have a draft lottery where the percentages favor the teams with the best record. Not only will this benefit teams who were playing well that didn’t get a chance to compete for a ring, it also still gives a chance to the lesser teams to actually reap the benefits of being a lesser team. It may not be the most popular option, but things aren’t exactly looking up right now.

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