High Hopes For A BIG3 Quarantine Tournament Fade Away

Remember back when we praised the BIG3 for planning a quarantine style hoops tournament?  Those days are now a thing of the past, because it looks like there’s no chance for that.  Recent news says that the league will cancel it’s 2020 campaign and will return in the summer of 2021.  In hindsight, not having any hoops to watch wasn’t that bad.  But here at Hoops Heaven, we were feverishly looking forward to see the likes of Gilbert Arenas butt heads with literally everyone else!

If you haven’t checked out the BIG3’s Twitter account recently, here’s their big announcement:

Here’s the main gist if you don’t like reading (which it would be weird for you to get to this point anyway), the league says that they can’t host games without fans because it needs the ticket sales to stay afloat.  Bigger leagues like the NFL, MLB, and NBA should be able to do so.  You’d also have to make the assumption that the BIG3 quarantine tournament’s official name is now being referred to as BIG3: Not in My House.

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With all of this extra time to prepare, we can only be hopeful to see what the BIG3 has in store for us hoops fans in summer 2021.  If you’ve never been to a BIG3 even in person, they are truly driven to feed the need of every single fan that they bring into the building.  Check them out when you get a chance.

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