These Potential First Round Match-Ups Will Be Must See Television

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Nothing’s ever set in stone.  As of right now, the current situation of thing seeding in each conference is bearable.  And since we do know for a fact that the positions can and will most likely change within the next month or so, things could get interesting.  Here’s how each conference is looking as of right now:

NBA Standings Before the NBA Restart

With eight seeding games to be played before the finalization of playoff positions, it’s easy to see that the league has left room for the movers and shakers to do their thing.  Let’s take a look at a few of the most interesting scenarios that could play out before the post-season begins.

Celtics-Sixers First-Round Playoff Series

As of right now, the Boston Celtics are set to face off against the Philadelphia 76ers in the playoffs.  While that could very well change, it would make sense that Indiana holds their tie-breaking position and keeps Philadelphia stuck with the 6 seed.

Right now, I’d take the Sixers’ length over the Celtics, but the Boston’s coaching has consistently been the out performer as of late.  Each squad would be coming with two current all-stars, and both organizations have been looking good in training camp.

Both teams (Boston and Philly) have ample reasons to say that they should win a 7-game series.  But a first round battle between these two squads will leave at least one of the bigger fan bases in the league depressed about a post-season loss more early than usual.

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Lakers-Trailblazers First-Round Playoff Series

The Portland Trailblazers sit pretty with a comfortable 3.5 game deficit behind the eighth seeded Memphis Grizzlies.  If you ask me, the Blazers have the best shot at securing that last playoff spot in the West.  The battle between Memphis, Portland, New Orleans, Sacramento, and San Antonio should pan out to get very competitive.

With that being said, a potential match-up between Portland and the LA Lakers will be one that we’ll all want to see.  Damian Lillard has the star-power to combat Anthony Davis.  And if there’s anybody in the NBA that can utilize some vacation home real estate in LeBron James‘ head, it’s Carmelo Anthony.

Watch out for this potential match-up between the hungry and opportune Portland Trailblazers and the aggrandized and dominating Los Angeles Lakers.


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