Lakers and Nuggets Series Preview

Lakers and Nuggets series preview

It’s time for the Western Conference Finals.  It’s so very unfortunate (although mildly refreshing) that the Denver Nuggets took away our chance to experience an all-LA WCF.  But the show must go on.  LeBron James and Anthony Davis have been awaiting their opponent for a few days now, and should be in for an interesting battle between Nikola Jokić and Jamal Murray.  Let’s get into it.

Match Ups

We all know who the top stars are in this series: James and Davis (LAL), Jokić and Murray (DEN).  These two squads both play with a lot of energy and actually play a very similar style of game.  Both get a lot of shots up at the rim, and both will look for the three when it’s opportune.  Yes, Anthony Davis will have a tough time guarding Nikola Jokić and vice-versa.  While watching the Lakers play against the Houston Rockets, we’ve seen that the Lakers are a very, very good basketball team (as if we didn’t already know).

Jamal Murray won’t be able to have any lapses in his play or the Nuggets will lose.  We’ve seen him go cold in the first round (Games 2 and 3), but he’ll look to perform as well as he did during the last few games of that series.  Both squads have a decent amount of depth; Paul Millsap, Markieff Morris, Jerami Grant, Danny Green, Gary Harris, and Rajon Rondo will all play pivotal roles in this series.

Keys To Win

In rounds 1 and 2, the LA Lakers looked to come out with low energy during Game 1.  By the way the Denver Nuggets seem to play their series, giving them (Denver) a game in the beginning may not be a smart idea.  Energy will be the key for the Lakers.  They’ll need to sustain the pressure that they put on the Nuggets for the entire game.  While the Lakers shoot the ball a little bit better than the Nuggets, Denver will have to play hard defense without fouling.  As far as for the Nuggets, the main key will be for them to stay in the game and give themselves a chance at all times.


Hoops Heaven’s prediction: Lakers in 6

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