Clippers Say Yes To Lue…But Is It True?

Tyronn Lue

There’s a lot of hype, hope, and optimism for Clippers supporters with Tryonn Lue becoming their new head coach.  It seems like a lot of people think that the antidote to Clippers success is two fold.  The team has to spend more time together and there needs to be a coach that can soothe and tame the massive ego of Kawhi Leonard.

Although the team is getting a new coach that already has championship experience, that’s exactly what they got with Doc Rivers seven years ago.  We are still unaware of what caused the massive breakdown for the Clippers in this year’s playoffs.  Was it Rivers’ immense hatred of getting to the Western Conference Finals or was really a massive choke job from Leonard, George, and all of the rest?  Let’s be real here, they’re all adults and can choose their own destiny.

As for Lue, he has a lot of support that anticipates that he will have success.  He comes in as a 3x NBA champion (2 as a player, 1 as head coach), has played with Kobe, has played with MJ, and has coached LeBron James.  But it seems odd to think that one change at the coaching spot will allow this Clippers team to gain success to the highest degree.  Especially with what Iverson did with the step over way back when.

With the Warriors regaining their strength, and the Phoenix Suns looking very good, the Clippers may very well be in the toughest division in the league (Pacific).  On top of that, their recent breakdown to the Denver Nuggets will ensure that every single team that they (Clippers) face will think there’s a chance to win.

The Clippers say yes to Lue, but is it true?  Only time will tell.

By Samuel

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