Why Nash and Stoudemire in Brooklyn Spells Trouble

Brooklyn Nets Coaches and Players

It’s officially the NBA off-season because we’re seeing a lot of coaching changes around the league.  From Nate Bjorkgren in Indiana, Stan VanGundy in New Orleans, and Doc Rivers in Philadelphia, the scope of our favorite league is looking healthy.  But the most important coaching change of them all has to be that of the Brooklyn Nets.

Steve Nash was appointed head coach in Brooklyn after not much of a warning or indication of being ready and willing to take the position.  It seems that things are happening too quickly in Brooklyn without much concentrated thought.  In addition to Nash, Amar’e Stoudemire has been added to the coaching staff as an assistant.  Yes, there undoubtedly looks like there is a method to the madness.  Nash and Stoudemire played in Phoenix together from 2004-2010, acquiring 10 total All-Star appearances (5 each).

Nash was a player development consultant for the Warriors for two seasons, and Stoudemire has recently been seen playing in China as well as the BIG3.  Although these two names are synonymous with the NBA, it’s hard to imagine that the two first time coaches will succeed immediately or even quickly.  While success loves preparation, it also loves speed.

Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant can’t be trusted.  Both players are in fact NBA Champions, but it’s hard to think that these two will work well together long term.  They appear to be friends, but both have large egos.  The Nets have championship potential, but will the two stars’ bodies hold up?  I believe the Nets’ best chance to win will be right away, but it may take the team (coaches and players) some time to really get going.  And that’s time that this team just doesn’t have.

By Samuel

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